Robin McKenzie Against The Tide

The compelling autobiography of internationally acclaimed physiotherapist Robin McKenzie.

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Against The Tide – the compelling autobiography of internationally acclaimed physiotherapist Robin McKenzie OBE CNZM and his struggles to have his ground-breaking theories and principles of musculoskeletal care accepted by the medical fraternity. Viewed as radical at its inception, rejected and even derided by the established medical wisdom of the day, the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®, is now one of the most studied diagnostic and treatment systems for musculoskeletal pain in the world, has since received international recognition and acclaim, is taught and practised by medical professionals globally, and might legitimately be described as the prototype for the ideal non-invasive treatment protocols as promulgated in National Clinical Guidelines.

Author of the best-selling Treat Your Own Series, for Robin McKenzie the patient was at the heart of everything. The barriers that McKenzie faced in promoting a simple and effective treatment option seem irrational and extraordinary, and the reader is left puzzling over why the journey that has resulted in relief and cure for so many was so arduous, yet marvelling at the intrepid character of the man that travelled that hard road.

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“He changed my mind, my thoughts and my work. Thank you very much Robin” – Leandro Esain, Argentina