McKenzie Method® Treat Your Own Knee Book

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Self-treatment Book
Self-treatment Book
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Treat Your Own Knee. Easy to follow patient book. Providing you with an active self-treatment plan To effectively treat & prevent knee pain.

This patient handbook provides an easy to follow self-treatment plan to quickly and effectively diagnose, treat, alleviate and manage debilitating knee and related pains, even for the long-term sufferer. First published in 1983, second in the best-selling Treat Your Own series by internationally renowned Robin McKenzie OBE, this book distils the essence of the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® as taught to medical professionals worldwide, in an easily accessible format direct to the sufferer. Numerous international studies have confirmed that the McKenzie Method® allows patients to take control of their own pain and postural management, avoid surgery and a long-term costly dependence upon clinicians.

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“Fantastic! I had ongoing knee pain when running and/or walking fast, thought it was due to "bad knees" after 2 ACL repairs, but nope-- probably more postural, related to too much sitting. Whenever I have knee pain I use these exercises and my knee pain magically gets better. I also very much recommend the neck pain and back pain book in this series. Thank you Robin McKenzie!” – Melanie