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The McKenzie Institute 

In 1983 Robin McKenzie founded the McKenzie Institute International® to ensure the orderly development of education and research into the methods he had devised.

The unique philosophies and treatments of human musculoskeletal disorders developed by Robin McKenzie are now known and referred to globally as the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (or MDT). The Institute, a charitable trust headquartered in New Zealand, is a highly respected educational body, with some 28 branches worldwide and teaches its stringent post-graduate educational programme to doctors and physiotherapists in a further 12 countries.

Only professionals who have become credentialled (Cred MDT) or diplomaed (Dip. MDT)(Masters level) in this specialised field are able to promote themselves as qualified practitioners of the McKenzie Method®.

The Institite is governed by an International Board of Trustees and an International Education Council ensures that the courses reflect all recent advances and research.


More about the McKenzie Institute

The McKenzie Story

Almost 60 years ago, McKenzie observed an accidental treatment success. He began studying what he had seen and was able to successfully relieve and cure numerous patients. He set out to share his knowledge with the world, and after much perseverance his method became accepted by medical professionals.

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McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method® is based on the premise that most musculoskeletal disorders of the spine and extremities, even chronic, are mechanical in nature, and most importantly that 80% of sufferers are able to treat themselves and avoid recurrence.

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