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Relieve your pain with the McKenzie Method®

Take control of your pain, empower yourself and get back to the life you love with The McKenzie Method®

The McKenzie Method® seeks to empower patients to treat their own pain with our series of 'Treat Your Own' books and Original McKenzie® lumbar supports.

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The McKenzie Story 

The inspiring story of how the McKenzie Method came to be. 

Against the Tide

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What our customers say...

Really Helps!

I have three McKenzie lumbar rolls - office, car and home. Using these everyday has GREATLY helped my posture and my back issues. I tried the substitutes - this works better.

Treat Your Own Back...Best book ever!

The best book I have ever read on treating back pain... I have recommended it to family and friends and will continue to do so. Worth every penny and more!

Love It!

Received my second back roll today.  I am really impressed with the quality and cost of the product, but mostly it has helped my back greatly both at work and in the car.

Neck roll is a Lifesaver

Having that extra support on my neck really makes a big difference. And I haven't had a neck adjustment in over 4 months! This has been a lifesaver for being something so simple! I can't believe it.

S. Baker
My new roll

Love my new super roll, makes a big difference while riding in the car!

Fast Shipping!

Ordered yesterday - received today! Love my new lumbar roll - very comfortable!


The Original McKenzie products - used globally by amazing people and brands

Our products and Robin McKenzie’s Method has proved beneficial for all. Ranging from your man in the street, through professional drivers and pilots, to the rich and famous. – just ask Le Bron James. It is universally acknowledged that the seating in a variety of modes of transport provide insufficient lumbar support leading to pain and debility.

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The McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method® is based on the premise that most musculoskeletal disorders of the spine and extremities, are mechanical in nature and most importantly, that 80% of sufferers are able to treat themselves and avoid recurrence.

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“I’d like to see people treating their own back pain in the same way they approach dental care or washing their hands. It should be just automatic.”
– Robin McKenzie